August 31, 2021

Report for the Virginia-Highland Security Patrol for September 2021

 Virginia Highland Security Patrol Report

July 26, 2021 through August 22, 2021

                                The Activity Report is a summary of what our FBAC Patrol Officers do on their shifts

Directed Patrols:  31

Drop ins/Park and Walks:  28

Suspicious person:  3

Alarm Response:  1

Suspicious Vehicle:  1

Parking Complaints: 3

Noise Complaints:  1

Out of town Checks: 9

Abandoned Auto:  0

VAHI Patrol Member Contact: 2

Lost Person:  0

Street Obstruction:  0

Wanted Persons:  0

Intoxicated Persons:  0

Found Property:  0

Criminal Trespass:  0

Info for Officers: 2

Shots Fired:  0

Calls for service (Cell Phone):  3




News and Notes


Attempted Burglary - Saint Charles Place (Suspect Arrested)

On August 6 at 9:22 PM police were dispatched to a prowler call on Saint Charles Place.  The victim reported seeing a male suspect who had tried to break into the same home earlier that day.  Around 11:30 AM, the victim observed the suspect on his video cameras walking around his back yard and trying to open windows to enter the home.  The victim called 911, but the suspect had fled before officers arrived and no report was made at the time since the victim was not present at the home.
                Later that evening while the victim was outside with his family, he saw the suspect come through his gate and into the back yard again.  The victim told the suspect he had to leave and chased him from the property.  Police located the suspect a few minutes later at the corner of Greenwood and North Highland, and the victim was able to make a positive identification.  Police arrested the suspect on the scene and subsequently identified him as Timothy Rainey.  Police reviewed the victim's video footage and confirmed the details of the incidents.
                The suspect was arrested and charged with attempted burglary.  He also had an outstanding warrant from Fulton County.  The suspect was taken to the Fulton County Jail and booked in.

NOTE:  The perpetrator in this case, Timothy Rainey, is a habitual criminal offender who has committed numerous similar crimes in the neighborhood for many years.  We have reached out to the Fulton County DA's Community Liaison and asked that his case be tracked through the DA's "Court Watch" program as a case of interest to the neighborhood.

Aggravated Assault – 700-Block Ponce De Leon Place

On August 8 police responded to a hit & run and aggravated assault call on the 700-Block of Ponce de Leon Place.  The victim stated that a black male with dreads, approximately 5'7" and 150 lbs driving a gray 2017 Hyundai Sonata hit his car while it was parked.  The male got out of his car and looked at the damage to the victim's 2013 BMW 328i, but then re-entered his vehicle.  The victim stated that he put his hand on the suspect's car and asked for his license.  The suspect closed his car door and the victim again asked for his license.  According to the victim, the suspect cocked his gun, aimed it at the victim and drove off.  No one was hurt or injured.

Theft from Building – 600-Block Greenwood Ave

On August 18 at 1:30pm police responded to a larceny call at an apartment complex on the 600-Block of Greenwood Ave.  The victim stated that he was expecting some bicycle parts to be delivered to his residence.  The victim stated that he discovered from his residential video surveillance cameras two subjects who walked by his apartment door around 2:50 AM.  One subject picked up a package that was sitting on the floor in front of his apartment. 
                The victim had previously reported a bicycle that was taken out of the building bike racks, and now this small mail package.  The victim further stated that several larceny incidents have recently been reported from his complex.  There were no signs of forced entry into the building.  The victim sent his video footage to investigators.

Membership Update

We currently have only 321 members subscribed to the patrol. If we can add more members, then we can significantly increase the number of shifts officers are patrolling and they will be able to be more proactive about deterring crime in the neighborhood. Please talk with your friends and neighbors, and encourage them to join at

Thefts from vehicles continues to be high across the neighborhood:

Please remove any items that are visible in your vehicles.  Even if you believe it is something insignificant, move it out of sight.  Keeping a clean car!

If you see someone or something suspicious, please report it to the police.  When driving or out walking keep an eye out in the neighborhood, what you see and report just might prevent a crime.

Reminder:  All members call 911 first if you see a crime in progress or a suspicious person or activity, and then call the Virginia Highland Security Patrol Phone. 

July 31, 2021

Report for the Virginia-Highland Security Patrol for August 2021

Virginia Highland Security Patrol 

June 212021 through July 25, 2021 

The Activity Report is a summary of what our FBAC Patrol Officers do on their shifts 

Directed Patrols:  42 

Drop ins/Park and Walks:  35 

Suspicious person:  5 

Alarm Response:  2 

Suspicious Vehicle:  2 

Parking Complaints: 0 

Noise Complaints:  1 

Out of town Checks: 25 

Abandoned Auto:  0 

VAHI Patrol Member Contact: 6 

Lost Person:  0 

Street Obstruction:  0 

Wanted Persons:  0 

Intoxicated Persons:  0 

Found Property:  0 

Criminal Trespass:  0 

Info for Officers:  6 

Shots Fired:  0 

Calls for service (Cell Phone):  4 




News and Notes 


Robbery/Carjacking – 800-Block Greenwood Ave 

On Thursday June 24, 2021 just before 1:00 AM, police were dispatched in response to a carjacking at an apartment complex on the 800-Block of Greenwood Ave.  The female victim advised she was sitting in her vehicle smoking a cigarette in front of her apartment complex.  She had been sitting in the vehicle for about 10 minutes when a blue sedan pulled up next to her vehicle.  A black male exited the passenger side of the blue sedan and opened Victim’s car door.  He put a gun to her head and said, "Get the f**k out of the car or I'll shoot you" and he snatched her phone out of her hand.  A second male exited the driver side of the suspect vehicle and also held a gun to Victim.  The victim stepped out of the vehicle, and the suspects drove her stolen vehicle and their original sedan westbound on Greenwood Ave.   

Victim stated both males appear to be in their early 20's. The first male that approached her had a low haircut. She was unable to provide a clothing description of either suspects. The vehicle stolen was a blue 2016 Audi Q5 with Georgia license.  In the vehicle was the victim's brown leather backpack, a brown Tory Birch wallet, her driver’s license, and various credit cards. The phone snatched from her hand was an iPhone 8 in a sparkly case. The victim was unable to track her vehicle or her cellphone. 


Pedestrian Robbery – 800-Block Virginia Cir 

On July 10th, 2021 at 11:16 PM police responded to a report of a pedestrian robberty.  Upon arrival, an officer met with victims who stated their group of three had been walking to bars close by.  While walking southbound on Ponce de Leon Place at Virginia Circle, they were robbed at gunpoint by two young men who approached from the rear. 

One suspect ran in front of the group and pointed a handgun at the victims, saying “Give me your wallets and phones!  I’m not playing, I will shoot you.”  The other suspect stayed behind the group, pinning them.  The suspect at the rear took Victim 2’s phone and wallet.  When he realized that the wallet did not have cash in it, he returned the wallet but kept her iPhone 8.  The suspect at the front took both other victims’ phones and wallets.  Both suspects ran north on Ponce de Leon Pl, then east on Virginia and got into a gray sedan, possibly a Nissan with partial tags QT1. 

The first suspect was described as a Black male, between the ages of 16-20 years old, 5'8-5'11, slim build, dark skinned faded haircut, wearing navy top and shorts with Jordan tennis shoes and a mask covering his face.  The second suspect was described as a Black male, between 16-20 years old, 5'8-5'11, dreads, wearing a black long-sleeve jump suit.  A robbery unit was notified and arrived on scene to interview the victims.  One of the victims returned to her home to try and track the stolen phones with no success. 


Robbery/Carjacking – 665 Pylant St  

On July 17th, 2021 at 10:27 PM police were dispatched to a carjacking call.  The two female victims stated that around 10:10 PM they were parked at 665 Pylant St in their white Audi when two black males pulled up next to them in a black or dark blue sedan.  Both males approached their vehicle presenting handguns and pointed them at the victims. The first suspect, a black male about 6'0 wearing a black shirt, brown mask and has a short afro hair style. He looked to be about 17-19 years old.  The second suspect was a black male about 5'8-5'10, wearing a black shirt and black mask with braids or dreads. He looked to be about 12-15 years old.  Victim 1 stated that the older suspect told her to give him everything that she had. After handing him her cell phone he asked her where her keys were. In all the chaos she kept telling him she didn't know where the keys were. Both victims were forced to exit the vehicle and ran for safety. They stated that the older of the two suspects got into the white Audi and the younger one got back into the dark sedan and fled the scene. They were last seen heading east on Pylant St, then south on Ponce De Leon Pl. 

Please remove any items that are visible in your vehicles.  Even if you believe it is something insignificant, move it out of sight.  Keeping a clean car!  

If you see someone or something suspicious, please report it to the police.  When driving or out walking keep an eye out in the neighborhood, what you see and report just might prevent a crime. 

Reminder:  All members call 911 first if you see a crime in progress or a suspicious person or activity, and then call the Virginia Highland Security Patrol Phone.